The 3rd Annual Hillsdale Community


“One Story”

Understanding the WHOLE Bible

Was held at the Hillsdale Community Library

The 2011 Community Bible study finished at the end of August.

For more information, call 517-437-4462


Many people are confused by the Bible. There are so many characters and difficult passages. Why did God do things the way that he did? Others want to read it but don’t know where to begin. The Bible has 66 books, was written by over 40 authors, covering a period of 1,500+ years…but it tells ONE STORY from Genesis to Revelation. This year’s CBS will examine seven topics from the beginning to the end of the Bible, asking what that one story is and what we learn about Scripture, God, man, Jesus, sin, salvation, the church and the end.

Since the community Bible Study is over, please join us Thursday nights for our regular midweek Bible study - call or e-mail for more info. Email: